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Cocco Bill #73: “Cocco Billl: Di Qua E Di La'”

Cocco Bill #73: “Cocco Billl: Di Qua E Di La'”

Signature, [Jac! and Jac 96], the first one on pg 5, and the latter one on the T shirt of a portrait of himself on pg 33. 94 pgs. 

Reprint changes (page altering):
No known.

Prints (Cocco Bill #73):

Cocco Bill cannot deside weather he should go here or there and flips the coin. That decision put him after bank robbery guys, and meets Indians, a puma, a bear, Tarzan, cavalry troops, ends up into cave called The Crazy Mouth, sinks into drift sand, uses gondola, and meets an octopus, vists in a viking village, and Grand Hotel, gets into errupting vulcano, and have conversations with the artist Benito Jacovitti more than once, and ends up into bar fight.

Cocco Bill, Trottalemme. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Italian reprint]

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