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Cocco Bill #27: “Cocco Bill contro chissà?”

Cocco Bill #27: “Cocco Bill contro chissà?

© 1970. Signature at the end of each page [JAC 70]. No page numbering. 24 pgs. 
NOTE: Last 8 pages are lower than the beginning! In YSL2 version they fixed the difference, in FIN version they did not but printed them as they were. 

Reprint changes (page altering):
FIN: The first frame of the opening page is cut short from upper right during erasing part of the original logo (there is blue letter color still visible on artwork!). 
NL2: The first frame of the opening page is cut short on upper left and right during erasing the original logo. 
YSL2: Part 2: on first page (the original pg 10) the first frame replaced with text what happened in pev. episode; frames in the middle row lowered for the logo at the top of the page. Last 8 pages each upper row frames drawn higher. 
YSL3: Artwork untouched… 

Prints (Cocco Bill #27):

  • Corriere dei Piccoli #24 to 27 (1970) 
  • Jacovitti Magazine #16 (1998). 24 pgs. Color.
  • Cocco Bill [Hachette] #35 (17.4.2018). 24 pgs. Color.
  • [FIN*]: “Ketä vastaan”. 24 pgs. Color. 
  • [GR]: “Οτςομεςοσ ραςοιμιασ”. 24 pgs. Color. 
  • [NL1]: “City-city beng beng”. Color. 
  • [NL2]: “City Beng Beng”. 24 pgs. Color. 
  • [NOR]: “Kuler og krutt midt i City-City i Texifornia”. 6+ pgs. Color. 
  • [SPA]: “Cocobill contra nadie”. 24 pgs. Color. 
  • [YSL1]: “Koko Bil [#1]” 24 pgs. B&W. 
  • [YSL2]: “Protiv kobigaznaokoga”. 9+15 pgs. B&W. 
  • [YSL3]: “Koko Bil protiv Tkoznakog”. 24 pgs.

Cocco Bill is solving the mystery of disappearing cows up on a cliff. 

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme; Sinor Piter Zingh; Nat Kincò; Svabb Kapalonza; Sceriffo casalingo Gionni Bingo; Bim Vappò; Kurt Macaia; Mac Pruprú; Bird Oplaon; Mad Lasciscia; Tum Warr; Beby Trull; Gik Popandonio; Samuel Crakt; Pup Astèr; Lup Astèr; Sam Buriella; Capra Giovanni fu Filiberto. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Finnish edition] 

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