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Cocco Bill #02: “Cocco Bill e gli Apaciones”

Cocco Bill #02: “Cocco Bill e gli Apaciones”

© 1958. Signature in variable places, not on every page [JAC 58]. Page numbering in the right lower corner (big white figures without background). 30 pgs. 

Reprint changes (page altering):
[1962 VERS.]: Possible page numbering erased. Also the year from signature erased. There is at least two additional text boxes replacing something. Also some of frame inbetweens are odd wide; possible compensating some of frame placing which ought to reach higher than two strips in the original version. 
[2007 REPRINT]: See FIN.
FIN: Similar to the Italian reprint (2007). Looks like story was restored from the original art plates. 

Prints (Cocco Bill #02):

Apaches resques a dying Cocco Bill. His horse believes his master is dead. Soon Cocco ends up to fight with Apaches. Some villians tires to get advanced of Cocco’s death. There is also a herd of cows. 

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme (here without name); Rocky Bebe; Tirly Ton; Ciarleston (Gang Boss); Thomas Burlett (Pastoralist); Vecchio Ramon (an old Apache); Perdon (Apache Chief); Bob Tapete (Cowboy); Zoccly (Smith); Piter Zing (Cowboy); Occhio di Manzo (Sioux Chief); Slim (Cowboy); Bob (Cowboy); Luis (Cowboy)

[* Opening page excerpt from the Italian edition] 

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