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Cocco Bill #17: “Il Cocco bello il brutto e il cattivo”

Cocco Bill #17: “Il Cocco bello il brutto e il cattivo”

© 1967. Presumly 3 wide strips per page. No page numbering or signagure. At the end of each page holds a piece of paper (for page number or signature?). 29 pgs. 

Reprint changes (page altering):
FIN: First two strips are okay, but the rest of the frames are rearranged in a comic book format; not even nearly in good order. 
YSL: All frames rearranged for comic book format. Re-edited almost every single frame! 

Prints (Cocco Bill #17):

Cocco Bill is the good. He faces the bad and the ugly. Later he faces also a puma and Indians, an ant and a treasure. But there is also a black dressed shooter. Is there really in the end a time to bury a tomahawk? 

Cocco Bill. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Finnish edition] 

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