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Unpublished Cocco Bill

Unpublished Cocco Bill

There exist only a few unpublished Cocco Bill stories.

Cocco Bill: “Cocco Bill fa Coccodeee!” (1970)

Only two pages exists. Printed in Cocco Bill [Hachette] #9 (2017).

Cocco Bill: “Bang Bank” (1974)

Cocco Bill: “Bang Bank”, pg 4 of 4

The story was 4 pgs long. At least the original art plate of pg 4 exists.

Unpublished Others

Also, the other characters’ got unpublished stories.

Occhio di Pollo, [the last story]

Because of the end of collaboration between the Master and Il Corriere dei Piccoli, the series of Occhio di Pollo was set aside in favor of other characters. Here the unfinished page. Printed in Cocco Bill [Hachette] #34 (2018).

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