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Cocco Bill #16: “Cocco Bill così e cosà”

Cocco Bill #16: “Cocco Bill così e cosà”

© 1966. Signature mostly on first strip of page [JAC 66]. Page numbering as a piece of paper at the end of each page. 33 pgs. 
Note: On pages 3 to 18 extra, moderately big and visible box in the end. 

Reprint changes (page altering):
FIN: The box on pages 3 to 18 are colored but empty. 
YSL1: Practically every single frame redrawn higher from the top. All page numbering and boxes redrawn away. 

Prints (Cocco Bill #16):

Cocco Bill is after sheep thiefs and their wolf head leader. He meets also a cougar and scary Indian medicineman and his chatty skull the Death. 

Cocco Bill. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Finnish edition] 

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