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Diario Vitt

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Diario Vitt

Diario Vitt (Il Vittorioso “Vitt” Diary) was a series of diaries published from 1949 to 1980 by the Catholic publishing house AVE and produced, subject to two editions, with illustrations, cartoons and comic stories by Jacovitti.

Initially the illustrations are accompanying articles but over the years, in the various editions that follow one another, they become independent from these until they occupy entire pages, even in color, of the diary and Jacovitti’s creativity occupies an ever-increasing space, until it becomes the only protagonist.

In the 1971 – 1972 edition, the first comic appears with Pippo, Pertica and Palla as protagonists. Jacovitti’s art was the leading material till 1980.

  • Pippo, Pertica and Palla, in 1971
  • Jak Mandolino (and his clumsy advisor, the evil Pop Corn), in 1977
  • Cocco Bill (with an adventure set in the Far West around the eighteen hundred and sixty fifteen), in 1978
  • Cip the policeman with his inseparable Gallina and the arch-enemy Zagar, in 1979

There was an economic version on the market called Diario minor.[]

Diario Minor


Cocco Bill #35: “Jacovittevolissimevolmente CoccoBill” 52 pgs. [SYNOPSIS] 
Appeared for the first time in Diario Vitt “Maxivitt, 1978/79” (June 1978).

Starting from Cocco Bill #36: Il Giornalino (1978).

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