Il Giornalino

Il Giornalino

Founded by the Catholic publisher Edizioni San Paolo of Alba in 1924. Magazine published Benito Jacovitti in 1978-1979, 1985-1987, and postmortem in 1988.

Pay attention, “Cocco Bill” stories and pictures were continuing after the death of Benito Jacovitti, made by Luca Salvagno.

The following issues contains Benito Jacovitti material (starting from 1998 by Luca Salvagno):

Cocco Bill by Luca Salvagno

Luca Salvagno

He was born in 1962, and starting from 1972 he was struck by the style of Jacovitti for some years. In 1996 he became a colourist of Jacovitti and, he continued the adventures of Cocco Bill after the death of the master. [Fondazino Franco Fossati]

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