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Cocco Bill #44: “Cocco Bill [#44]”

Cocco Bill #44: “Cocco Bill [#44]”

© 1981. Signature on each 3 strip entierties [Jacovitti -81]. No page numbering. 24 pgs (wide 3 strips per page).

Reprint changes (page altering):
Jacovitti Magazine: reprints two original pages (i.e. 6 strips per page) on one. 

Prints (Cocco Bill #44):

Mob group tries to hang Cocco Bill. He needs the help of Indians. Prrrr! 

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme; Tim Pàkula; Sceriffo Bob Kanassa; Flint Brek; Mister Flaccigan; Nat Kingò; Slim; Don Gennaro Cap’e’Cuorn. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Italian reprinted edition] 

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