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Cocco Bill #10: “Cocco Cocco Cocco Bill”

Cocco Bill #10: “Cocco Cocco Cocco Bill”

© 1962. Signature in the first frame (or first frame of second strip) of a page (except on pg 8 no signature) [JAC 62/63]. Page numbering on different kinds of objects (almost all different objects). 23 pgs. 

Reprint changes (page altering):
No known. 

Prints (Cocco Bill #10):

Cocco Bill meets a poor, robbering villagers and their violent kid. He fist fights their leader, interfere lovers and even Slow Trott get caught. In the end villagers and city folk starts to fight each other. 

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme (here without name); Rhum Muntèk; Giuly; Kapula Green; Kapula Matt; Kapula King; Nonnino; Boffy; Sceriffo Cevin Cum; Burly Dirlindirlindon; Nipote Rhum; Maledetti Muntèk. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Jacovitti Magazine edition] 

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