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Cocco Bill #21: “Cocco Bill sulle rotaie”

Cocco Bill #21: “Cocco Bill sulle rotaie”

© 1969. Signature never at the end of page [JAC 69]. No page numbering. 44 pgs. 

Reprint changes (page altering):

  • Part 1 (6 pgs): the big opening frame enlarged to be solo on the first page (redrawn from the top); the strip under it moved to the page two, the second strip from page two removed. Otherwise according the original.
  • Part 2 (6 pgs): The first strip cut shorter from down (to have room for logo at the top of the page); narrow middle frame from the same line removed and the first frame moved to it’s place that in the beginning room for text what happened in pev. episode. Almost all pages have several frames drawn higher, mostly in upper part of the page (pay attention on people’s hats!).
  • Part 3 (11 pgs?).
  • Part 4 (8 pgs): Logo at the top of the first page; several frames redrawn higher. Lower half of the original page 27 is missing; the original page 28 is totally missing; the first strip from the original page 29 is missing; from the original page 30 there is two middle strips as the end of page 4. Page 5 starts with one third (!) of the first frame from the original page 29, goes on with one third (!) of the first frame from the original page 30 and then from the same page second frame from second strip, last frame from thrid strip and the entire forth strip. From the original page 31 there is only the first and last strips and all snake or cougar picts are removed (!); the first frame of the last strip has redrawn ball and chain replacing the snake. Page 6 is the original page 32 except the first frame of the first strip has been replaced with the first frame of thrid strip of the original page 31. Some frames redrawn higher. And all this painstaking work to remove totally the scene with snake and cougar!
  • Part 5 (10 pgs): no missing pages or frames but some frames on each page redrawn higher (pay attention on people’s hats!). 
  • NOTE ON YSL2: Presumely three pages missing (the scenes with snake and cougar erased); highly edited on those pages by rearranging, mixing are replacing frames from different other pages. [hide]

Prints (Cocco Bill #21):

  • Corriere dei Piccoli #8 to 23 (1969) 
  • Jacovitti Magazine #14 (1997). 44 pgs. Color.
  • Cocco Bill [Hachette] #6 (26.9.2017). 44 pgs. Color.
  • [FIN*]: “Cocco Bill ja junarosvot”. 44 pgs. Color. 
  • [FRA]: “Sur les rails”. 44 pgs. Color. 
  • [GER]: “Cocco Bill und der Geisterzug”
  • [GR]: “Το τςαινο φαντασμα”
  • [NL1]: “Contra De Tsjoek Tsjoek Klan”. 44 pgs. Color. 
  • [NL2]: “Tussen de rails”. 24 pgs. Color. 
  • [NOR]: “Den store togjakten”. Color. 
  • [SPA]: “Cocobil sobre el raíl”. Color. 
  • [YSL1]: “Potera za Tedom Ledom”. 22+22 pgs. B&W. 
  • [YSL2]: “Na šinama”. 6+6+11?+8+10 pgs. 
  • [YSL3]: “Na tračnicama”. 44 pgs. B&W.

The riddle of the week is a thiefing train gang who disappears without trails. A puma and a snake are also interested to eat Cocco Bill. 

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme; Bobby; Tim; Tom; Tomas Fronz; Every Mad; Little Tonno; Maik Bironza; Signora Genoveffa la scereffa; Aex Tott; Bisceriffo Bisnicola; Emm Tiralemm; Money Dollar; Ciurly Poh; Osusanna Louviù; Bessy Gnák; Puma; Serpente; Gionni. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Finnish edition] 

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