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Cocco Bill #09: “Cocco Bill nella foresta”

Cocco Bill #09: “Cocco Bill nella foresta” (1962)

© 1962. Each page contain a signature [JAC 62], usually in the first frame or on first strip, except there is no signature on pg 4. Page numbering with a piece of paper at the end of each page. 27 pgs. 

Reprint changes (page altering): 
No known. 

Prints (Cocco Bill #09): 

Cocco Bill and Trottalemme get lost into forest. They meet a snake, an ocelot, an alligator, Native Americans, sink into a quick sand. They find themselves from Caiman City. Bandits kill him and Trottalemme takes his guns and starts to shoot on them. Trottalemme fights agains bandits, Indians, and meet a wild man. Wild man saves the life of Cocco Bill. In the end Cocco Bill faces traffic police, and all the angry forest animals. Trottalemme thinks Cocco Bill is a puma and runs away to end up with bandits who arrests the horse. Cocco Bill masquerades himself with mustaches and ends up to fight with the entire Native American tribe. Cocco Bill ends up into a coffin. In the end everybody fights against everybody, and the biggest bandit looses his feet.

Cocco Bill. Trottalemme. Bossy Korkovan. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Hachette reprint]

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