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Cocco Bill #28: “Coccobilliput”

Cocco Bill #28: “Coccobilliput”

© 1970. Signature at the end of each page [JAC 70]. No page numbering. 20 pgs. 
Note: Chapter logos on every 4th page.

Reprint changes (page altering):
NL2: The first big frame on first page has cut from top during erasing the original logo. Chapter logos replaced with big junk of text blocks. 
SPA: Highly edited version. Almost every single frame has been edited to make it fit to comic book format. Some pages’ got four strips, some three! 
YSL1: Highly edited. Hight is okay, but all pages are redrawn wider (by local artist).

Prints (Cocco Bill #28):

  • Corriere dei Piccoli #44 to 48 (1970) 
  • La grande avventura dei fumetti (1990)
  • Jacovitti Magazine #3 (1994). 20 pgs. B&W. 
  • Cocco Bill [Hachette] #7 (3.10.2017). 20 pgs. Color.
  • [FIN*]: “Coccobilliput”. 20 pgs. Color. 
  • [GER]: “Cocco Bill gegen Gauner und Liliputaner”
  • [GR]: “Οι λιλιρουτιοι”. 20 pgs. Color. 
  • [NL1]: “De Billiputters”. 20 pgs. 
  • [NL2]: “De Billieputters”. 20 pgs. Color. 
  • [NOR]: “Tøffe tom mot… hvem vet?”. Color. 
  • [SPA]: “Cocobilliput”. 38 pgs. Color. 
  • [YSL1]: “Koko Bil [#1]”. 18 pgs (!). B&W. 
  • [YSL2]: “U maminom zagrljaju”. 18 pgs (!). B&W.

Cocco Bill managed to thumble himself middle of fighting gangs. The others are small Lilliputian, though not as small as in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travel. 

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme; Scheriffo Pitt Gambafloscia; Burly Bona; Bobby Kupp; Mac Macist family; Cicci Brakt; Mamma; Dottor Nox; Tomas Vattakura. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Finnish edition] 

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