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Cocco Bill #01: “Cocco Bill [#1]”

Cocco Bill #01: “Cocco Bill [#1]”

© 1957. Signature sometimes at the end of second strip, sometimes the very end of the page but not on each page, sometimes on both places [Jacovitti 57]. Some sort of page numbering might exist. 30 pgs.

Reprint changes (page altering):
[1962 VERS.]: Possible page numbering emptied or erased. Also the year from signature erased from all but one.
[2007 REPRINT]: See FIN2.
FIN1: Lots of editing. On almost each page’s got the first and third strip drawn higher (by local artist) and the other two cut lower! The choosen editing might be related to the room for translated texts.
FIN2: Similar to the Italian reprint (2007). Looks like story was restored from the original art plates.
YSL: All pages narrowed.

Prints (Cocco Bill #01):

Cocco Bill pretends to be a villian and he infiltrate to the robbering gang. Miss Osusanna, big woman falls in love with him and there’s a big white bull around. In the end even the devil visits on a ground.

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme (here without name); Tompson; Callacan; Sheriff Pinkerton; Giorgio Giorgio; Tango el Mexica; Tippetappe; Miss Osusanna; Sheriff Koccolon; Banker Curly; Arm Dealer Tom Bau; Riffle Dealers Blak Ciccighen and Bob Ciccighen; Devil

[* Opening page excerpt from the Italian edition]

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