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Cocco Bill #14: “Lo sceriffo Cocco Bill”

Cocco Bill #14: “Lo sceriffo Cocco Bill

© 1965. Signature always on the first strip, except in the opening page inside the title, on pg 4 on the thrid and on pgs 3, 22 & 25 on the second strip [JAC 65]. Page numbering with big digits on two feet and eyes. 30 pgs.

Reprint changes (page altering):
No known. 

Prints (Cocco Bill #14):

After dealing with puma Cocco Bill gets acquaintance with Osusanna Pulastrell who falls in love with him and whom bandits are after. Cocco Bill gets acquaintance also with chickens and a snake. 

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme; Puma; Osusanna Pulastrell; Bob; Friz Kisslover; Bruk Hoffembak; Polli del Nebraska; Joseph Oronza; Poffy Brioka; Serpente. 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Italian reprinted edition] 

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