Benito Jacovitti

Benito Jacovitti (March 19, 1923 - December 3, 1997) was born in Termoli, Italy. In 1956 he began working for the newspaper Il Giormo, where Cocco Bill was born. Ten years later he join Il Corriere dei Piccoli.

Cocco Bill #16 (1966)Cocco Bill #16:
"Cocco Bill così e cosà"

© 1966. Signature mostly on first strip of page [JAC 66]. Page numbering as a piece of paper at the end of each page. 33 pgs.
Note: On pages 3 to 18 extra, moderately big and visible box in the end.

Reprint changes (page altering):
FIN: The box on pages 3 to 18 are colored but empty.
YSL1: Practically every single frame redrawn higher from the top. All page numbering and boxes redrawn away.


Cocco Bill is after sheep thiefs and their wolf head leader. He meets also a cougar and scary Indian medicineman and his chatty skull the Death.

Cocco Bill.

[* Opening page excerpt from the Finnish edition]

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