Benito Jacovitti

Benito Jacovitti (March 19, 1923 - December 3, 1997) was born in Termoli, Italy. In 1956 he began working for the newspaper Il Giormo, where Cocco Bill was born. Ten years later he join Il Corriere dei Piccoli.

Cocco Bill #15 (1965)Cocco Bill #15:
"Ugh-Ugh Cocco Bill"

© 1965. Signature always on the first strip, except on pg 8 on the last and on pgs 13 & 16 on the second strip [JAC 65/66]. Page numbering with dice. 33 pgs.
Usually stories are signed with "Jac" and two last digits of the drawing year only. On pg 21 you can see entire year, "1966".

Reprint changes (page altering):
No known.


Cocco Bill get mixed himself between cavalry and Indian war. Some individuals try to sabotage the truth and Kuknass Brothers are also drawn into it.

Cocco Bill; Brunz Barabarunz; Sceriffo Mod Blinkton; Cavallo Pazzo; Kuknass Brothers; Sergente Gionny Kaprùla; Capitano Benny Duxman.

[* Opening page excerpt from the Italian reprinted edition]

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