Benito Jacovitti

Benito Jacovitti (March 19, 1923 - December 3, 1997) was born in Termoli, Italy. In 1956 he began working for the newspaper Il Giormo, where Cocco Bill was born. Ten years later he join Il Corriere dei Piccoli.

Cocco Bill #72 (1997)Cocco Bill #72:
"Di Qua E Di La'"

Signature, [Jac! and Jac 96], the first one on pg 5, and the latter one on the T shirt of a portrait of himself on pg 33. 94 pgs.

Reprint changes (page altering):
No known.


Cocco Bill cannot deside weather he should go here or there and flips the coin. That decision put him after bank robbery guys, and meets Indians, a puma, a bear, Tarzan, cavalry troops, ends up into cave called The Crazy Mouth, sinks into drift sand, uses gondola, and meets an octopus, vists in a viking village, and Grand Hotel, gets into errupting vulcano, and have conversations with the artist Benito Jacovitti more than once, and ends up into bar fight.

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme; Bat Cregorio, Tonigar, Galin, Mat Scevalie, Orso Bruno, Quaterman.

[* Opening page excerpt from the Italian original edition]

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