Benito Jacovitti

Benito Jacovitti (March 19, 1923 - December 3, 1997) was born in Termoli, Italy. In 1956 he began working for the newspaper Il Giormo, where Cocco Bill was born. Ten years later he join Il Corriere dei Piccoli.

Cocco Bill #28 (1970)Cocco Bill #28:

© 1970. Signature at the end of each page [JAC 70]. No page numbering. 20 pgs.
Note: Chapter logos on every 4th page.

Reprint changes (page altering):
NL2: The first big frame on first page has cut from top during erasing the original logo. Chapter logos replaced with big junk of text blocks.
SPA: Highly edited version. Almost every single frame has been edited to make it fit to comic book format. Some pages' got four strips, some three!
YSL1: Highly edited. Hight is okay, but all pages are redrawn wider (by local artist).


Cocco Bill managed to thumble himself middle of fighting gangs. The others are small Lilliputian, though not as small as in Swift's Gulliver's Travel.

Cocco Bill; Trottalemme; Scheriffo Pitt Gambafloscia; Burly Bona; Bobby Kupp; Mac Macist family; Cicci Brakt; Mamma; Dottor Nox; Tomas Vattakura.

[* Opening page excerpt from the Finnish edition]

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