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Zorry Kid #06: “Zorry olè!”

Zorry Kid #06: “Zorry olè!”

© 1970. Signature at the end of each page [JAC 70]. No page numbering. 14 pgs. 

Reprint changes (page altering):
No known. 

Prints (Zorry Kid #06):

Tyrant wants Zorry Kid. The head of police chases him with a fear to be wed with a cruel daughter of tyrant instead. Tyrant wants all wool from sheep, but Zorry Kid arranges a sheep dog to guard sheep. There’s a lot of disguises and a pile of bombs. 

Zorry Kid; Capitano Martin Pelota; Alvaro de la Gota (Zorry Kid’s uncle); Capitan Malandero; Carmelito Battiston (Zorry Kid’s mute butler); Don Pedro (Tyrant of California); Alonza (a daughter of tyrant); Saratoga (Zorry Kid’s horse). 

[* Opening page excerpt from the Italian reprinted edition] 

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