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Tarallino #10

Tarallino #10: “Tarallinbracc”

Tarallino #10*

© 1973. At the end of both pages contain a signature [JAC 73]. No page numbering. 2 pgs. 

Reprint changes (page altering): 
No reprints. 


  • Story #310Tarallino #10: “Tarallinbracc”. 2 pgs. Color. [JAC 73]. [SYNOPSIS]. Corriere dei Piccoli #35 (Sept. 2, 1973). “Tarallinbracc”. Bricco Bracco is a dog character in Tarallino stories.

Tarallino does not like the hunting style of Bricco Bracco, and he gets help from L’orcotauro. 

Tarallino. L’orcotauro. Bricco Bracco.

[* Opening page excerpts from the first print]

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