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Mustanaamio, alterations

Jacovitti in Finland

Mustanaamio (Fantom comics book)

Egmond. 68 pages. Color. [Mustanaamio in Finland
[See also Italian, Phantom [ITA], Swedish, Fantomen, and Norwegian, Fantomet] [MustanaamioWiki]

In Mustanaamio (Finnish Phantom) they wanted to print some of Benito Jacovitti stories. Unfortunately it did not last long. They only made a few changes to the art. They left most of the onomatopoeia in its original state. They altered some though. Or remove emphasis marks to make it look less obvious. Here is the list of changes:

Mustanaamio #20/2004

Three frames from Mustanaamio #20/2004 (upper row), and three frames from Hachette #48 (2018). Page 5 of the story. Colors are clearly different.

During translation majority of the onomatopoeia has been left as they were in the original story. Although some clear texts has been removed.

  • Pict 1. The first frame says originally, “Altolà!” (transl. “Whoops!”). 
  • Pict 2. In the 3rd frame of the 2nd row says originally, “Spòingh!” (transl. “Boing!”).
  • Pict 3. In the last frame of the 3rd row says originally, “Càlcio!” (transl. “Boot!”).

Jacovittin hullu maailma:  Jak Mandolin: “Silinterihattu ja gangsteriviulu” © 1969. 8 pgs. Color.

  • Story #243Jak Mandolino #8: “Bàng! Mandolino”. 8 pgs. Color. Corriere dei Piccoli #39 (Sept. 28, 1969). Re: Hachette #48 (2018). “Bang! Mandolin”.

Mustanaamio #22/2004

A frame from Mustanaamio #22/2004 (left), and a frame from Hachette #48 (2018). Page 1. Colors are slightly different.

All onomatopoeia has been removed from this frame (the last frame of page 1). Originally it says, “Pánkt!” (transl. “Wack!”).

On a 3rd frame of the page 3, an emphasis mark has been removed from the word, “Sbóingh!” (transl. “Bang!”).

On page 4 two onomatopoeia has been removed.

  • On a top row: The middle frame of 2nd row says originally, “Pànft!” (transl. “Ponk!”).
  • On a lower row: The first frame of last row says originally, “Ciàkt!” (transl. “Clonk!”). This time they replaced the text with typed word, “Klonk!”.

On page 5 the crying onomatopoeia has been removed. Originally it says, “Nghee!” (transl. “Wah!”).

On the last page there was two onomatopoeias, and the ending line removed:

  • Pict 1. On the first frame of the first row says originally, “Pùpo!” (transl. “Dolling!”).
  • Pict 2. On the middle frame of the 2nd row says originally, “Pánkt!” (transl. “Bang!”).
  • Pict 3. The end of the story says on a wall, “Fine!” (transl. “End!”).

Jacovittin hullu maailma: “Napper The Kid” © 1970. 6 pgs. Color.

  • Story #249Jak Mandolino #9: “Mandolino mandolì”. 6 pgs. Color. Corriere dei Piccoli #17 (April 26, 1970). Re: Jacovitti Magazine #12 (Dec. 1996). Color. Zibrillo Sera #1 to #3 (1984). Hachette #48 (2018). “Mandolin mandolin”.

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