Benito Jacovitti

Benito Jacovitti (March 19, 1923 - December 3, 1997) was born in Termoli, Italy. In 1956 he began working for the newspaper Il Giormo, where Cocco Bill was born. Ten years later he join Il Corriere dei Piccoli.

Zorry Kid #11 (1972)Zorry Kid #11:
"Zorry Kid tuttazeta"

© 1972. Signature at the end of each page [JAC 72]. No page numbering. 4 pgs.

Reprint changes (page altering):
Il segno di Zorry Kid: Each page contains two strips (i.e. half of the original story) and story is tilted 90 degree according page. Printing year erased off from JAC's signature.
YSL: Artwork untouched...


Zorry Kid dresses up like an old man and rescues arrested people who haven't paid taxes.

Zorry Kid.

[* Opening page excerpt from the Finnish edition]

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